Buses by area

U1E - Unilink

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Route Stops

National Oceanography Centre

Platform Tavern

Telephone House

Holyrood Church


ASDA & Marlands

Central Station

Civic Centre


Giddy Bridge

Law Courts

Archers Road

Stag Gates

Northlands Road

Albany Park Court

Bentley Court

Tennyson Court


Portswood Broadway

Highfield Crescent

Upper Shaftesbury Avenue

Jubilee Sports Hall

Southampton Uni Interchange


Bealing Close

Tulip Road

Woodcote Road

Aster Road

High Road

Montefiore House

Friars Way

Swaythling Station

Walnut Avenue


Parkway Station

Lakeside Country Park

York Road

Derby Road

Campbell Road

The Swan Centre

Bus Station

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